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10 Reasons why MaltaOffers.com is your best choice

  1. It's free and it's easy to use
  2. No registration required to buy - contact owners directly
  3. Simple quick registration to create adverts and sell
  4. All communication is strictly confidential, no more public or offending comments!
  5. No time constraints, your advert will be there for as long as it takes to sell (default expiry after 1 year!)
  6. You will be notified immediately of any interest shown
  7. Daily special offers from Malta businesses featured on site (coming very soon)
  8. You can upgrade to Power Seller account anytime and sell more
  9. Comprehensive Help section on site and free support by email
  10. Security: Your personal data is protected, our moderators keep this site clean from scam messages

Want to sell more?

To prevent abuse basic users are limited to 3 lstings and 1 image per listing, Upgrade Now if you require more. Sell hundreds of items, display up to 5 images per product and have your listings appear in "Special Offers" section.

How to create and edit adverts

If you want to sell all you need to do is register and put your items on sale, here is how to do it:
  1. Register
  2. Login and click “New Advert” on top of the page.

  3. Dont forget to add advert ending date (no pressure: default is 1 year)

    Note: you may create an advert and leave it unpublished, it will be saved in your adverts page but will not be visible, you may then indicate the starting and ending date of the advert.
  4. Follow the simple steps and click “Update
  5. Your item will appear in the “My Adverts” and will be published immediately.
  6. To edit your adverts click on the small image next to it -

That’s all! Anyone interested will contact you by email, no need to check on your item for any messages. You will be immediately notified and the email will contain a link to the item.

Note: You can edit all your listings in the ‘Item Manager” section. To change your personal settings and profile please use “My Account” section.

Interested in selling many items and advertising on this site? Become a Power Seller, click here for more information.

Contact us for any additional information.


Security and Comfort

All communication on this site is private and confidential. Nobody can read your messages except for you and the person you communicate with.

MaltaOffers.com is a meeting marketplace, we are not responsible for any deals done in or outside this website, do not give away any credit card information by email. Please be extra careful and double-check the credibility of the person if you are dealing with someone located outside Malta.

Please respect the rules of this site, multiple accounts for same seller will be removed.


• Choose a short catchy title
• Find a good image on the web or take a picture (ads without picture are less noticed)
• Write a short but relevant description
• Make a good offer to potential buyers

For non-EU visitors

Please read the rules to avoid your account being blocked and adverts removed.

We welcome visitors from any part of the world but please remember that this site is created primarily for those who are living in or willing to travel to Malta, we encourage transactions over internet only between an established businesses and individuals, using this site as a marketplace and search.

Do not post any offers of pet import unless its from a qualifying country, read more here

Do not post any mobile phones or electronics outside Malta.

Note that any suspicious activity will be monitored and moderators reserve the right to block accounts with fraudulent behaviour.

This site is in full compliance with Malta Data Protection Act 2001  Terms Of Use  Privacy Statement
This site is intellectual property MaltaOffers.com (Malta Copyright Act).
We will take legal action when we find our text copied and published on another website.