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Submitted by: nessdasco from N/A on Aug 12 2017
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Russian Blue Grey Kitten- 2 Males and 1 Female REA
Russian Blue Kittens - 2 male and 1 female

Ready for new homes in 3 weeks.

Viewings welcome and deposit to secure your beautiful new kitten!

Russian Blues are a magnificent elegant breed of cats and are absolutely beautiful to look at and to be around! For anyone that has not had the pleasure of being around a Russian blue I’ve added a little bit more information below.

Kittens are very playful, active and have been very difficult to photograph :)

Litter trained already and have started eating solids. Will be introduced to wet and dry foods.

Deflead and dewormed with frontline and drontal.

Mother and father are both indoor family cats and can be seen. The kittens have been brought up with both mother and father heavily involved ensuring they develop well.

They have been exposed to dogs and children but not on a daily basis, however, the introductions were easy without any issues.

They have already learnt how to use scratching posts and I have given them both sisal rope and corrugated cardboard scratch posts.

No papers hence low price

Please feel free to contact for any further information and to arrange viewing. We'd love to meet you and give you the opportunity to see them interacting with each other and their parents.


Russian blues have the reputation of being very gentle, quiet and can be somewhat shy. They usually develop a deep bond with one person and therefore are extremely loyal in nature. They are very intelligent, independent and active and are able to entertain themselves throughout the day whilst you are out making them an ideal pet for professionals which is why I first got involved with this breed.

They are not destructive and are described to move around the house with the grace of a "Russian ballerina" and are just adorable to watch.

My male cat is extremely affectionate with absolutely anyone and everyone!! He’s very gentle and loving and has actually been involved in the rearing of the kittens including grooming, which is somewhat unusual for cats in general! My female cat is also very affectionate but more so with me and is true to her Russian ancestry! She’s very loyal, very intelligent and shy. I previously had even managed to teach her how to play fetch, but as with any pet you have to be consistent with training. She can do a lot of tricks but has become too lazy to play fetch for now :D

They are probably most famous for their hypoallergenic nature. However, I would highly advise anyone with allergies that is choosing this breed to definitely come for a viewing. This is because, a hypoallergenic cat is LESS likely to cause problems for someone with allergies but this is not an absolute definite!

Offer price: €400.00

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